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"Recovery Starts From Kindergarten"

Project nr 2021-2-IT02-Ka210-SCH-000051268

We have three general objectives with this project;

A) Equip preschool teachers with innovative learning and teaching methods for their professional development;

B) Develop a high-quality early childhood education, recovering from the consequences of covid-19;

C) Acquire digital and outdoor skills from the beginning of school education.

We firmly believe that quality education and training requires high quality teachers.

Early childhood education depends on the quality of teacher training.

Educational institutions strive to train high quality teachers, a teacher's training does not end with the graduation date. In a rapidly changing world, teachers need to keep up with teaching developments and the changing needs of students. During the project, we provided teachers with the philosophy of professional development'. They participated in training activities (LTTAs) such as training course, workshop, seminars, etc.

Teachers understand the importance of in-service training for their vocational development.


Considering that preschool education is at the heart of an individual's entire educational life, we must focus on early childhood and early childhood education more than ever. It is certain that the pandemic has affected the attitudes of preschoolers against school and teacher, caused the loss of social communication skills and abandoned the vulnerables. So, recovering from the effects of the pandemic on preschool children is one of the most important objectives of the project.


Today, the world evolves at an incredible speed in terms of digitalization. Therefore, students and teachers need to equip yourself with digital skills to keep up with the changing world. On the other hand, humans are moving away from nature and are locked in closed spaces. They are losing ties with nature and lack basic skills outside the home.

We fixed as specific goals in this project:

a- Increase positive statistics on reading habits in partner countries;

b- Prepare students for digital transformation;

c- Develop bridges between libraries and schools;

d- Get students out of the classroom for physical and mental health;

e- Acquire outdoor skills and make them love nature;

f - Internationalization and training of partner organizations;

g- Involve parents more in the educational process.

Our project products:

1) The Audio Book: Partner organizations created an audiobook about the digital skills acquired during the project;

2) Outdoor Education Guide for Kindergarten Teachers: The partners developed a guide to outdoor education in kindergarten classes, in this website, accessible to everyone on the internet.

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